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Gabriel is a web enabled application to manage libraries in educational institutions.

Gabriel is designed for next generation usability, stability and ease of deployment.

Ease the load on your IT staff, they'll love you for it. Our server side technology removes the complications of having to install and troubleshoot client software on library computers. The only requirement of Gabriel is a computer with a standards compliant web browser (IE 5+, Mozilla). All software maintenance and backups are performed by Celestial Studios support.

With the assistance of our specialized staff, migrating to Gabriel libraries can be as easy as sending us your data export from your current system. Our staff can extract your inventory from your old system to MARC, then insert it into Gabriel for immediate use. Gabriel will also adapt to your current barcode system, so that re-labeling books is not necessary.


Gabriel comes with the meat and potatoes, as well as all sorts of additional desserts to provide across-the-board improvement in simplicity of use.

Some of the other features included:

  • Automated e-mail system informs users of due dates, overdue books and new books
  • MARC compliant system is able to import and export data from Gabriel
  • Reservation system for students
  • Library homepage for all students
  • Feature rich reports on student statistics and reading habits
  • Student information can be imported in from SIS systems
  • Backups are performed off-site
  • Full tech support over a variety of mediums: e-mail, message board, telephone
  • Customizable teacher permissions
  • Custom reading levels, librarian messages and open hours
  • Built in calendar system: avoid the frustration of books due on closed days
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Pricing Scheme

Gabriel is paid yearly based on the number of enrolled students per school.

Number of Students Yearly Fee
unlimited $1 per student

Gabriel is constantly being improved by our developers. Your purchase includes free updates and support for the entire duration of the contract.

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Demo Site

See Gabriel in action: please try ouronline Gabriel demo. Please use admin for the username and password

We believe in "try before you buy" software and have prepared an online demo for you. Please, feel free to contact us with any questions, requests or suggestions you may have.

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